Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It has been a while

Hey Everybody,

Sorry that I have been rubbish at posting on this blog. I'm not much of a writer so I had to give myself a good kick in the pants to get onboard with blogging again.

A lot has happened between now and the last time that I gave a blog update. I just celebrated my first month anniversary of living in Scotland last tuesday. It was a good time due to the fact that there was a pastor gathering where we all worshiped and prayed for one another. After that I was able to pursuade Geoff to taking me to the mall to get some Starbucks. It was lovely to have good conversations and good coffee to celebrate being here.

As a part of my time here, I get the opportunity to be involved in multiple different ministries. One that I am very excited to be involved in is the youth group. I have enjoyed the last few Sunday of getting to get to know all of the teens and play wacky games with them. In true Thompson fashion, I have become the person that the teens are determined to beat at every game. This last wednesday, I was reminded of all the times that I gathered my friends together to team against my mum as all of the kids teamed up to beat me. Then they celebrated when they did. It is definitely one of the highlights of my week.

I am also really enjoying getting to know the other ladies and gents in the community. On Mondays I get to go to zumba with two other ladies and it is full of laughter and sharing of life. On Tuesday nights, I am a part of the church bible study. Thursday nights I am a part of the community choir and hang out with one of my newly made friends. Fridays are often full of coffee dates with other ladies in the the church and it is a time to share stories about our lives and how God has moved through our lives. It is definitely nice to have the time to share life over a cuppa :)

One of the interesting aspects of living in a forgein context is how much you get to know yourself. I'm definitely learning where some of my boundaries of how far I can push myself. I'm also having to face the fact that I am absolutely rubbish at self-discipline. Mornings are the worst and I often find myself running out of time in the morning because I layed in bed too long. I thought that since I was so good at a schedule in college that those skills would translate over to being on my own, but it is totally different when you have so much freedom in your schedule. Anywhos, I am loving (and hating) the process of discovering and flexing my adult muscles. 

From this point on I am going to try my best to update this blog more often (at the min. once every two tweeks but hopefully more). Feel free to facebook me :) I would love to share on a deeper level things that I am learning and experieces I am having.

All the best,