Monday, April 21, 2014



As a part of fund-raising for my trip I am going to be selling sweet T-Shirts! They are $20 and look fantastic :) The money this raises will help cover the costs of traveling. This would be a great way to be able to partner with me and spread the awareness of my trip! Also, who doesn't love haggis?! ;)

The link to the T-shirts is here!

Thank you for your support

With Love,


Thursday, March 13, 2014

First blog post!

Hi Friends,

Thanks for coming and checking out my blog. I have never done this before so it will be a learning experience for all of us as I figure out what I'm doing. I will be posting more once I am at Scotland. My first fundraiser is located under the Prayer Tree tab and there are full details there. I'm excited to be sharing this experience with all of you!!

Just a preview of Ardrossan

Can't wait to be back where there are mountains!