Sunday, February 8, 2015

Its Finally Come!!

I've finally made it to Scotland!! Well, technically I've been here for a week (sorry about the late update) but my time here has begun. It was definitely a crazy journey here with many bumps in the road ranging from lost luggage to having to buy new tickets. I'm pretty sure I experience all the troubling things about airports in one trip. But! I am here and that is what matters. 

My first week has been quite a busy one. My first full day in Ardrossan was spent at an awesome prayer conference in Irvine where the district pastors met to pray over their lives and their ministries. Over the next few days I tried to get over jet jag, which is not an easy task, but it did invovle loads of tea and Scottish shortbread which makes up for all the sleepiness. I eventually made it out of the house to explore the town in which I got lost. Go figure haha. My sense of direction is miserable but I got to see some sites that I probably wouldn't have without that experience. It is a pretty town which lots of sites see and explore, one of which is the Irish sea with the Isle of Arran only a short distance away.  The benefits of where my home is that it is right on the sea. So as long as I can find the sea, I can find home.

I and 15 other ladies spent the end of this week at a Ladies retreat. Pastors and Pastor's wives from around the district gathered in Kinross, Scotland for a weekend away and a time to fellowship with each other and the Lord. Isabelle, from the N. Ireland district, was there speaking about the Lord being our Shepherd and oh how I needed to hear that message. She spoke of how the sheep in a flock could only find rest if they trusted their Shepherd to keep them safe. The sheep, being distracted animals, often also find themselves in trouble from not paying attention and it is the shepherd that guides them back. The sheep are safe with their shepherd. The perfect thing to hear after all the change, the new, the unknown. I am safe with my Shepherd. What a message to grasp! He guides me and knows all that His has planned for me during my time here, and that is such an encouraging thing to know. 

I am safe, I can rest, the Lord will restore.

"The Lord is my shephard, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; he leads me beside still waters; he restores my soul..." -Psalm 23